The combination of extensive experience in detailed work and the use of hi-tech machinery cooperate in yielding the optimum relationship between quality and cost.

Company Profile

The “Tselentakis” Company was founded by Antony and Linda Tselentakis in New Jersey, USA, under the name “Paintactics” in 1988 and since 1991 is based out of Thessaloniki, Greece.

“Tselentakis” has been a leader in innovative applications of high quality decorative painting in Greece. We apply a plethora of techniques in a world of color, which unlocks a multitude of possible designs and textures to enhance the aesthetics of living space.

We work closely with architects and decorators to select the correct combination of decorative colors and textures that gives living space new potential and visual appeal. The application of decorative colors and materials is a science.

Our painting services are performed by trained and experienced personnel (technicians and artists), while simultaneously using technological resources which guarantee results.

We take on challenging projects that have special demands, such as limited time constraints, adherence to LEED specifications, and high quality finishes. We undertake projects of all types and sizes ranging from hotels to apartment residences.